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I’m in startup mode and can’t wait to get my product or idea to market.

Experience with manufacturing in China: Little to none.


High Growth

My company is growing fast and I can use all the help I can get.

Experience with manufacturing in China: Familiar


Industry Leader

My company is well established but there is so much more we can do.

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From product design to delivery, Blacksmith has you covered....View all services.

Design & Development

Let us breathe life into your ideas and give your projects wings with expert design and development services... learn more...


Why do our customers love us so much? Because we understand that busy people like you have enough on your plate without worrying about manufacturing... learn more...

Quality Assurance

When you place an order for product, you want to know that the factory will get it right. No need to worry — we have you covered... learn more...


Getting product from the factory to your door can be a challenge…unless you have the network and expertise we do... learn more...

The Blacksmith Way

There are many reasons great brands partner with Blacksmith, but there is one key reason they keep coming back. Trust. We earn and keep your trust through every project, every product, every time by following a simple but effective process.


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A Smarter Solution

See how using Blacksmith can help you to save time and money while avoiding costly mistakes.

Old Way

Place an order and cross your fingers that your product doesn’t arrive with the logo printed upside down.

Our Way

Place an order and know that our team of experts will be on-site to manage production, perform quality checks, and inspect the order prior to shipment.

Old Way

Waste valuable time and money searching for factories, making late night phone calls, and taking multiple trips to China in hopes that you can find a quality factory.

Our Way

Leave the legwork to us. Simply call Blacksmith and get instant access to a network of hundreds of licensed, vetted, and professional suppliers.

Old Way

Spend months of back and forth trying to get your sample right only to find out that the factory is unable to execute your project.

Our Way

You spend your time managing your business while Blacksmith streamlines development and production so that you get your product to market. No surprises and no flakey factories.

Old Way

Send drawings and detailed specifications to a factory only to find out that many of your requirements were merely taken as suggestions.

Our Way

Put your requirements in the hands of our expert team, sit back, relax, and know that the product you ordered is the product you will receive.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

June & January

“We were going through a handful of people to get our finished project; sourcing raw fabric, hiring freight to deliver it to our printing vendor, hiring freight to deliver to our manufacturer. Via Blacksmith, we’re able to just write a PO and be done with it.”

June & January
Mission Belt

"Blacksmith is a key part of our team. They manage our sourcing, sampling, quality control, production and pricing so we can focus on running our business."

Mission Belt
JE Ventures

“Before Blacksmith we were sourcing through another provider. There is just no comparison. The customer service, support, communication, quality, and pricing we get through Blacksmith can’t be beat.”

JE Ventures

"You guys are lifesavers for us. Your QC team is outstanding and they keep on delivering results. I'm happy to have you guys in the family, let's keep making magic together!"


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