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  • We Know Asia

    We have local teams on the ground who speak the language and will manage your projects from start to finish. They will be on site to inspect production runs, manage communications and insure your product is top priority.

  • IP Protection

    When you use our suppliers, it is very difficult for any competitor or pirate to find your factories. The trail starts and stops with us. And because our contracts are localized, we have legal recourse against any supplier who might be tempted to share information.

  • Amazing Customer Service

    Our customer service is second to none. That means you will always be able to pick up the phone and get the answers you need. No more late night phone calls, no more miscommunication due to language barriers and no more sleepless nights wondering if your product will get to you in time.

  • Results

    Our results speak for themselves. Over 90% of our clients say they would recommend Blacksmith International to their peers. Work with us and you can be assured of high quality, on time, every time.

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Case Studies

Blacksmith International is helping businesses just like yours.

Blacksmith International helped growing business June and January allocate $12,000 into their marketing budget after providing over 50% cost reduction in their supply chain.
  • Executive Summary

    Founder and CEO of June and January, Amy Richardson began sewing baby clothes as a side project in 2010. She didn’t expect her business to take off as it did; however, 8 months after opening her shop on Etsy, she hired two additional employees to help her handle the workload from the demand of her product.

    Unexpected growth left Amy to make crucial decisions for the overall quality of her baby clothes, as value of her product is her first consideration in production. She quickly found her current vendor could not deliver her desired product in a price-range or time frame that was necessary to help facilitate their growth.

    In search for a resource that could operate within her budget and deliver on quality, Amy didn’t expect to find Blacksmith International exceeding her expectations. Now overseeing her supply chain from original samples to delivery for distribution, Blacksmith International has saved June and January both time and money to focus on the growth of her business that she loves.

  • About

    Starting at a kitchen table in a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, Amy Richardson was looking for a way to keep busy during her pregnancy. She began sewing newborn hats and now has a full product line of colorful baby clothes. Amy believes kids are fun and their clothes should be too! From 2010 to 2015, June and January has grown from a small business to a full-time career. Moving forward, June and January is looking to include new products outside the children/baby space.

  • Challenges

    Originally operating as a small business, June and January was seeking growth. In order to allocate funds to other areas such as marketing, they came to a point where they needed to get their production costs down for their printed fabrics. Because the vendor they were using couldn’t deliver in the time frame that they needed, they sought out overseas options.

    Due to their rapid growth, June and January also needed to hire additional employees to distribute their workload. The holiday season was sure to be a busy time for them. With the budget they were operating on, this would have been a difficult need for them to fill.

  • How Blacksmith Helped

    Blacksmith International was able to deliver the necessary printed fabric for less than 50% of the cost that June and January was paying with their original vendor. In addition to massive financial savings, they also reaped substantial time savings. June and January was also able to hire an additional Social Media Specialist who is now maintaining customer service via their many social media channels.

  • The Results

    Blacksmith International now manages June and January’s entire supply chain. From sampling to delivery of the final product, across all product lines, Blacksmith works to save June and January time, money, and effort that can be put back into growing the business.

Mission Belt
  • Executive Summary

    Mission Belt Co. has redefined the common belt as a fully functional fashion accessory for men. The uniquely functional ratchet system makes others obsolete while looking great at work and play. Landing a Spot on Shark Tank resulted in a deal with Damien Johns. Business boomed and MB knew they needed to find the right manufacturing partner to help manage the growth. In comes Blacksmith International. A comprehensive provider of outsourced manufacturing services with a teams in the U.S. and China and ready to handle the load.

  • About

    Mission Belt Company has completely redefined the way men view and use belts. The belt is fashionable, functional and unique in its sleek and efficient design. When a customer buys a Mission Belt, the company donates $1 to fighting hunger and poverty worldwide.

    Confronted with various hurdles in manufacturing their innovative product, Mission Belt turned to Blacksmith to ensure timelines and quality standards were met and the difficult job of manufacturing was offloaded. As a comprehensive outsource manufacturing service to some very cool U.S consumer brands, Blacksmith was the logical choice.

    Now, Mission Belt has found that they are able to focus more of their valuable time on growing their business and nurturing their loyal customers.

  • Challenges

    Originally operating factory direct, Mission Belt realized that, while the job was getting done, they were losing out on a third party who could help negotiate with factories on price and quality. Outsourced tasks were quickly burning time that could be better spent focusing on what they were best at- “marketing and making cool products. “

    For Mission Belt, their main concern was that they were spending too much time getting lost in the intricate details. Undergoing a major overhaul with inventory management and product procurement, it was imperative e that their team could coordinate with a trusted third party to ensure that they would achieve a smooth and efficient supply chain from beginning to end Tiring of restless nights in communication with factories in China, Mission Belt made the decision to exclusively use the services of Blacksmith International.

  • How Blacksmith Helped

    Mission Belt identified three solutions brought to them by Blacksmith International:
    1. Outsourcing: Blacksmith has access to a vast network of hundreds of licensed, vetted, and professional suppliers.

    2. Quality Control: Without having a presence in China, the best quality of products cannot always be anticipated or guaranteed. Having team members located in China, Blacksmith International is able to visit and examine factories to ensure the best manufacturing and production process.

    3. General Production Knowledge: After years of growing experience, Blacksmith understands the process and timing as well as what expectations are appropriate for manufacturing in China.

  • The Results

    "As a result of Blacksmith's influence, Mission Belt freed critical hours up each week of administrative and operational work load directly associated with factory interfacing, sampling, sourcing, quality control, pricing, etc."

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